Pizza Party Catering

When you have many people to feed, choosing the right catering could be a daunting task. At Pizza & Go, we take your catering woes and serve up the tastiest, gourmet style, woodfired Neapolitan pizzas for events that are huge crowd-pleasers, and you will have a hit party on hand with our pizza party catering services.

Whether you wish to hire our pizza party catering for a small private event or a major corporate one, we are equipped and prepped to keep delicious pizza on the go for hundreds of people!

Our pizza party catering is efficient and can serve hundreds of people at your event at a fraction of the price of regular catering services.

Our pizzas for events are fresh and made on the spot. You don’t have to settle for pre-made pizza bases and cooked over gas; we do the conventional way.

pizza party catering
pizza party catering

Pizza For Events

The way it has been done for ages in Naples – fresh hand-tossed, matured dough base with finest Neapolitan sauces and a hand-picked selection of cheese and quality fresh ingredients!

With Pizza & Go as your pizza party catering partner, you don’t have to worry about the massive space for the catering services. Our woodfired pizza party catering trailer can be propped up anywhere, and we are ready to start the party quickly without any hassles. With pizzas for events, you reduce your stress and maximise the fun.

We have crafted our menu to suit the widest palate, and you cannot go wrong with pizza’s for events and parties anytime, anywhere! Explore our menu options and pizza party catering packages to pick and choose the party menu that best suits you!

Let your guests enjoy an experience of an alfresco style pizza party catering with us, and they are sure to have a great time with delicious food that makes everyone – kids, adults and even the elderly happy!

Don’t forget the deserts! We have a hand-picked selection for you to choose from.

We welcome you to check out our menu options and packages to choose options that you’ll love to serve at your pizza party. And best yet, we have the whole range of the main courses, appetisers and desserts to satisfy all your guests.

We also factor in dietary preferences and provide vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free options as well. So talk to us to customise our pizza party catering services to your liking.

pizza event catering